Second Income Opportunities

We have a wide choice of award winning holiday homes at Annsmuir, from just £29,999, which can be purchased purely as a holiday home for your own use, or can enable you to combine leisure opportunities with second income potential. What’s good is that you can still enjoy breaks with your own family at times to suit you, if you wish, or choose to let out your property all year round, with our help and guidance.


Attracting visitors:

The Kingdom of Fife, and particularly St Andrews and the North East Neuk, which is easily accessed from our location in Ladybank, has much to recommend it to the visitor, with stunning beaches, coastline, golf courses, and World Heritage protected fishing villages.


This location, coupled with the quality of the holiday home accommodation, means that owners at Annsmuir can easily enjoy a second income. We can handle bookings, as well as look after maintenance and changeover, making the whole process hassle free.


A Year Round Season:

Annsmuir Holiday Park is open a full twelve months of the year, so there is no restriction on how often you can let out your property. The area is a year round pull, with good transport links, including a railway station at Ladybank, meaning Edinburgh is accessible on the Fife Circle Route.


Join an increasing number of people

Based on how often you want to let out the property, we can give you an estimated income for your first year of ownership at the park. Contact us for a tour and a chat, and we will answer any additional questions that you have.